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You can be sure the methods I use will not weaken the bond between you and your dog. I will never go against your or your dog's nature. My training methods are science based and natural for both people and dogs.

In my opinion, there is no one method that works for everyone. Every person and every dog is different so I always try to match the right training technique to the client's and dog's needs.

I also do not believe in the pharse: "You cannot teach the old dogs new tricks." I think that every dog is capable of learning, we just need to find the right way.


I recommend to having a puppy training session as soon as you get a puppy (or even before). It is never too early to start training your dog. You just have to match your expectations to the dog's learning abilities.

At the first puppy training session, I provide you with a lot of information about how dogs learn, what our role in the relationship is and how dogs see the world. I also instruct you on how to prevent the most common issues like:

- biting,

- chewing,

- toileting,

- excessive barking,

- lead pulling,

- separation related issues etc.

Another part of the puppy training is introducing simple cues like: come when called, sit, stand and lie down. 

Please note that these are guidelines only. Every session is different as everyone's needs are different. You may not need to go through some of those topics or you may have some other questions or issues. The lenght of a session is matched to the individual needs the a client and the dog.


I offer obedience training for adult dogs as well as helping to stop unwanted behaviour. Sometimes we notice the problematic behaviour when it has already became a habit in an adult dog. Do not worry. It is never too late for training. It sometimes may just involve a little bit more patience and effort. I offer help with:

- coming when called,

- jumping on people,

- lead pulling,

- excessive barking,

- and much much ...


Never think it is too late to train your dog. You can teach an old dog new tricks. It sometimes may just involve more of your patience, time and effort. It is possible to change even older dogs` habits. However, we have to always have to consider their age and respect their learning abilities. We cannot overwhelm them with our expectations and can ask for only as much as they can handle.


I want to help people who offered permamanet homes to dogs from pounds, sanctuaries or those that were rescued in some other ways. There is no doubt that you get unconditional love from your dog. However, rescued dogs often come to our households with the a burden of experiences that can cause many unwanted types of behaviour. It is important to know what to expect when giving a home to a rescued dog and how to stop or prevent problematic behaviour.